יצרן: DIXSEN
מק"ט: MSQ
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A range of (8 frames) classic plastic case current transformer, low cost, rich range can match most requirements internationally.

Two built in fixing methods:1 side base; Busbar mounting
Transparent terminal cover
Primary current up to 6000A

  • MSQ-125 Current TransformerVery popular modle
  • transformer electrical VDE certificated
  • transformer winding IEC 44-1 standard This series of CT can be applied to test, control, display and record the running of the electrical equipment, and to protect the equipment against the damage, in the AC circuit with the rated voltage value below 720V and the frequency of 50-60Hz. The product can be also applied to form a complete set of mine transformet.The products comply with VDE 0414, BS7626 and IEC 44-1 standard.