Company Profile

MPH Electrical Engineering Ltd. was founded in 1969 as an exclusive representative of Swedish electromechanical concern  ASEA. Following the merging of ASEA with the ABB Group in 1988, MPH expanded its activity in the field of industrial electrical applications.

Today, MPH imports and markets  electrical systems and professional equipment including: electrical measuring devices, motion systems utilizing frequency converters for speed regulation, energy counters and data collectors, electric motors, various examination and regulation tools, work tools for electricians , plant maintenance equipment, equipment for distribution boards, plastic and aluminum enclosures for electronic equipping.

In addition, the company imports a variety of specialty products: metals detectors, cable and wire route detectors, marine signaling equipment and many more.

The company offers an array of services including support, guidance, and engineering consulting for all products sold.

Throughout its many years of activity, MPH has insisted on a quick response and efficient customer service, fairness and reliability, backed up by vast technical knowledge and experience. These values have established MPH is a leading provider to customers from all industries: Israeli Electricity Company, Ministry of Defense, Military Industry, Bezeq, Mekorot,  Dead Sea Works, Quarries, leading wholesale companies, distribution boards manufacturers, hospitals, hotels, retirement homes, universities and many more.