Revalco hour meter

מוני שעות עבודה להתקנה על פס דין ולפנל

מוני שעות עבודה לפנל בגדלים 48x48,72x72,96x96 מ"מ

מוני שעות עבודה לפס דין ברוחב 1 מודול ו-2 מודול

תצוגה בודדת או כפולה

מתחי הזנה 110,230,400V AC,10-50V DC


מידע כללי
  • The hour meters are instruments for measuring time which are particulary suitable for: - determing the functioning time of electrical machines, elevators, boilers, electrical stoves etc. - determing the intervention time for changing the oil, replacing ball bearings etc. on machinery that is in constant use.
  • determing the functioning time of new machinery with the purpose of establishing when the guarantee expires, such as current rectifiers, valves, lamps etc.
  • determing the sum of the periods during fatigue tests, the duration of electrochemical processes etc.
  • In the AC version the instrument is driven by a synchronous motor. The display is composed by 5 entires and 2 decimals (4 mm height)
  • In the DC version the movement of the motor is adjusted by a quartz crystal with great stability and a frequency such that, at every 22 degrees of oscillation, an impulse is released when amplified, activates electromagnetic converter. The display is composed by 6 entires and 1 decimal (4 mm height)
  • At the end of the counter, the counting begin again automatically from zero. It is not possible to reset the device.
  • The necessary voltage is 1,2....1,6V.
  • The precision is obtained by means of a variable condenser with a tolerance of +/-0,2 sec/day at room temperature.
  • Operating temperature: between -10°C and +55°C.
  • Mounting position is indifferent and the housing is in black plastic material.
  • The reading class is 1/100 h (36 sec)
  • This hourmeters are manufactured following the UL, IEC, TGL21-366, DIN Standards